L’album "Tender Echoes"

  1. Something to live for (Duke Elington / Billy Strayhorn)
  2. The touch of your lips (Hal Kemp / Ray Noble)
  3. For Real (Anne Lys Galen / Laurent Katz)
  4. You do something to me (Cole Porter)
  5. The can man (Anne Lys Galen / Laurent Katz)
  6. Tender Echoes (Anne Lys Galen / Laurent Katz)
  7. I wanna be loved (Billy Rose / Eddie Heyman / Johnny Green)
  8. I remember you (Johnny Mercer, Victor Schertzinger)
  9. Passing by (Jack Lawrence / Laurent Hess)
  10. More than you know (Billy Rose / Edward Eliscu / Vincent Youmans)
  11. Tulip or Turnip (Georges Don / Duke Ellington)


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